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Healthy Families

Some elementary school children are seeing a dentist for the first time. One 10-year-old's grades have improved dramatically since he was fitted for glasses. Another young girl has been able to get treatment for her asthma, which sent her to the Emergency Department twice in the past year.

These are just some of the ways children are being helped through the Mayor's Commission on Our Children's Health, a collaborative effort in which Dignity Health and the local Mercy hospitals partner with the City of Sacramento, Sacramento City Unified School District and other healthcare systems in the area to improve the health and well-being of our community's children. Eligible children are being enrolled in a program called Healthy Families, which offers low-cost health insurance for needy families.

"Through this collaborative effort, the Mayor's Commission is reaching out to families to connect them with the health services their children desperately need to ensure healthy and happy lives," says Kelly Bennett, Director of the Mayor's Commission on Our Children's Health.

Dignity Health and the local Mercy hospitals support Healthy Families as part of its commitment to promoting healthy communities, a guiding principle in its mission. "Our goal as an organization is to reach out to vulnerable populations," says Dignity Health. "We're not trying to create a new program for every need we identify. We want to partner with those already doing it well - such as the Mayor's Commission - and we want to bring something new to the table to reach the people in greatest need."

The goal of the Mayor's Commission is to enroll families in low-cost health insurance programs, helping to insure children in the Sacramento community. To date, more than families have enrolled. Healthy Families is one solution for families who "fall through the cracks" - those who don't qualify for MediCal but can't afford traditional insurance. Healthy Families is not charity care, it enables people to feel good about contributing to their own care.

To contact The Mayor's Commission on Our Children's Health for enrollment assistance, please call 1.866.850.4321 or visit their Web site at

Your Ideas are Important
Do you have an idea of how to help more eligible families enroll in Healthy Families, or be linked to other services? If you work directly with patients - as a caregiver or in an ancillary or support role - we want to hear from you.

Please send an e-mail to Rosemary Younts, or call her at (916) 851-2731. All options will be explored.

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